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I started selling, as a seamstress, for retail on January 16th, 2003. That was the day I sold my first pillow to a client not yet known & I've never looked back.  I knew I could make darn near anything in the way of home goods as I had already spent time sewing for my own home.

I have grown my little home based business into what it is today, a job I love & a hobby I get to practice daily! I've met people from all over the world who all have varied taste which keeps my business fun & exciting on the daily.  Everything from Cottage to Gothic, Twilight to Star Wars & Roses to Skulls & Crossbones to Crosses.  It's fluid, challenging & fun at the same time.


I can honestly say the only time I've not enjoyed my job is when I had to make a NY Yankees rag quilt. You see, I am a die hard Red Sox fan & I really had to make peace with that decision. However, I swallowed my pride, practiced good fanmanship & made a friend & a long time client in the process.

I've made many rag quilts over the years but my favorites are when a grandmother contacts me to create a quilt for their not yet born grand baby. Even better, when the same grandmother contacts me years later for a bigger quilt because said grand child has now begun middle school or high school or gone off to college & they want to send them off with & a little something special. 


I started out with rag pillows & quilts.  I then started making curtains. Then closed seams traditional quilts, pillows & totes & tree skirts and sew it goes. I've added knit & crochet items recently.  Eventually, I hope to add woodwork projects as well.


Thank you for your patronage over the years & I look forward to offering you handcrafted items for years to come. 

Just a few things I hold dear to my heart below...