Do you smoke or allow smoking in your home?

No & No!  Both occupants of the home are 'quitters' & now abhor the very act & smell of smoking.  As a matter of fact, our rural carrier IS a smoker, so we take the extra time to bring our packages to the post office ourselves to  avoid the risk of smoke contamination.  Items are shipped in plastic bags as well to further avoid this possibility.

Do you have any pets?

No, we have Fur Babies!!  All kidding aside, yes, we have 5.  4 dogs & 1 cat which can be found on my About page.  The Fur Kids have their spaces & I have mine.  They are not allowed to lay on my pretty fabrics, soft chenille's or climb into my stuffing boxes.  Although they would love it if I allowed them, they are not allowed near my pretties.  I also store my fabrics & supplies in my craft room hutches & sealed bins.



How are your Rag Quilts constructed?

1.  I choose quality cotton, flannel or chenille fabric & on rare occasions, denim.

2.  I cut my fabrics & batting or flannel to the sizes desired.

3.  I sew my layers (squares) with an X in the center to hold all layers in place.

4.  I sew my rows using double seams.

5.  I sew around the perimeter of the quilt, also using double seams.

6.  I clip aprroximately every 1/8th of an inch.

7.  I wash & dry the quilts and delint if flannel is involved.

What you see is what you get with my quilts only, as a rule they are much prettier in person.  I do the laundering before I send them out plus, they are ready to use and smell great.

Do you accept custom orders?

YES!  A bulk of my business is custom orders.  Depending on work load, I can generally turn around a custom order within 3 to 10 days.   Much of it depends on whether or not fabric is local or I need to order online.  I stipulate this before an order is accepted so there are no surprises.  I bill through PayPal (however, I am familiarizing myself with wix invoices soon) & encourage clients to read my policies page where custom order requirements are laid out clearly.  I also encourage you to read feedback from buyers & sellers over the past 13 years here:   https://www.ebay.com/fdbk/feedback_profile/prims*n*pretties?filter=feedback_page:All

Do you ship internationally?


Absolutely!  I ask that all international buyers send me their shipping code so I may work up 1-3 different shipping cost for them.   In most cases, there is very little issue with shipping internationally other than time & cost.  If neither of these is an issue for the client, then it's not an issue for me.

Things to be aware of:

1. Custom Regulations

2.  Custom Fees 

3.  Shipping Tariffs

4.  Transit Time

5.  Packaging (some countries open boxes)

6.  Shipping Medium - Air or Sea

7.  Restricted Items - (I can't control what your country will or won't allow)

8.  Insurance 

9.  My store policies

Why don't you accept returns?

Cloth mediums are tricky for sellers.  We can not control whether or not a buyer smokes, spills or stains the item or has pets themselves who may cause damage to said item.  So as a seller, I have two options:  not to accept returns due to risk of damage to said item or charge a restocking fee. 

I am extremely thorough in my descriptions so I don't accept buyers remorse as an excuse for return.  I inspect all my items very carefully before listing & before shipping.  If there is a flaw in a vintage or used fabric, it will be duly noted & discounted in the listing. 


Unfortunately, due to those who abuse a sellers good graces, many of us have had to rethink return policy. 

I have sold online for 17 years & have never, knock wood, had a return or complaint.   


I consider it my obligation to offer quality products & consider it a privilege when people choose primsandpretties for their buying needs.

How long have you been sewing?


 30 years!  

I fell in love.