How to Clean Buckwheat Hulls

1.  Get yourself a plastic bin large enough & then slightly more to hold your hulls.  A good way to judge this is to lay your pillow inside the bin to judge size.

2.  Unzip about 3" of the hull case & place that opening carefully toward the bottom of your bin.  Slowly let the hulls drain out of their casement.  Be careful here as hulls have a certain static that allows them to fly all over if your not careful.  Containment is the key here.

3.  Once you've emptied your case, carefully turn your case inside out to release any hulls that may not have come out.

4.  Shake out your case (outside) then turn back to right side out.  Wash & dry case with zipper zipped about 3/4 of the way.


5.  Place your hull bin in the sun (preferably inside your home so pest won't make a home of them outside!) where the sun can bake down on the hulls.  I would let them sit for 30 to 60 minutes then move them about & let them sit some more.  I personally would do this for the better part of 6 hours.  

That's it.  It is that simple to clean your hulls. 


Find yourself a measuring cup or some device that allows you to scoop your hulls back into the case, rezip & place your pretty case over the hull pillow.  Enjoy!